Waterfall & Lead Screening

Tools to help your portfolio grow

Use state of the art automation to improve your portfolio return and default rates.

Crediterium can integrate its lead screening analysis with a lender’s existing Loan Management System (LMS), creating a seamless workflow that maximizes efficiency and accuracy. By leveraging the most advanced data analytics tools in the industry, Crediterium can create a customized lead screening waterfall that prioritizes leads based on factors such as credit score, income, employment status, and other relevant data points.

For new lenders, Crediterium can provide guidance and support in setting up an effective lead screening waterfall from scratch. This includes identifying the most relevant data sources and selecting the appropriate data analytics tools to develop a customized screening strategy that aligns with the lender’s business objectives.

For experienced lenders, Crediterium can optimize existing lead screening processes and identify areas for improvement. By analyzing historical data and assessing the performance of existing waterfalls, Crediterium can identify patterns and trends that may indicate areas of inefficiency or opportunities for better default rates and portfolio returns.

Overall, Crediterium’s experience working with the most relevant data intelligence providers in the market and expertise in customized lead screening waterfalls can help lenders to make data-driven decisions that maximize their ROI and minimize risk. By integrating with a lender’s Loan Management System, Crediterium can further streamline the lead screening process and enhance the lender’s overall operational efficiency.

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