Ping / Callback API

Generic event notification

The Ping / Callback API provides for a simple mechanism to send update notifications to the various backends that Crediterium operates on behalf of their clients.

We provide an API Specification you can use to easily generate your own client code. Note that our APIs might contain endpoints or actions that are not fully implemented at this time. This is a conscious decision to plan for future functionality with minimal impact to our partners and clients.

Changes with no risk of breaking existing implementations can be deployed over the same version of the API. Changes that would break existing applications will be deployed through separate routes, allowing existing code to remain operational.

Sandbox Environment

Use this environment to build your tests. This environment is operated on a best-effort basis. You will need to request whitelisting to access this environment. All users share 9fd7ef8f-8d09-466a-95c4-dddd865a7e9b as the API key for the sandbox environment.

Please note that this environment is cleared periodically, meaning that you should not assume that data will persist indefinitely.

You may access this environment via https://sandbox.ping.api.crediterium.net:443/v1.

Production Environment

Each client has a specific production environment endpoint. Please refer to your assigned technical advisor for access to the environment. Access to all production environments is subject to whitelisting, which will be configured at the time of access request.

Security Considerations

Access to the API endpoints is subject to IP address whitelisting and rate limits. Please engage your assigned technical advisor for details. By default, API keys become bound to the first IP address they are used from.

API keys for access to this API must be passed on all request via the X-API-Key HTTP header.

Revision History


Initial release. Provides support for POST notifications. All other options are included in the specification for completeness and will be implemented as concrete requirements are identified.

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