APIs for Business

Easy to use integrations that drive business

Crediterium is a technology company that offers a range of APIs designed to streamline operations for vendors and clients in the Non-Bank Financial Services (NBFS) sector. These APIs are designed to help organizations in the NBFS sector improve their efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance their customer experience.

Crediterium’s API offerings are constantly evolving and expanding, with new APIs being added to the platform on an ongoing basis. This means that clients and vendors in the NBFS sector have access to a growing range of tools and capabilities that can help them improve their operations and better serve their customers.

Crediterium’s team is constantly working to identify new opportunities and emerging trends in the market, and to develop APIs that address the evolving needs of their clients. This could include new APIs for areas such as risk management, customer engagement, or analytics, as well as updates and enhancements to existing APIs to make them more powerful and flexible.

Overall, clients and vendors can expect the range of APIs offered by Crediterium to continue to expand and improve over time, providing them with an increasingly powerful set of tools and capabilities to help them succeed in the NBFS sector.

Ping / Callback API

The Ping / Callback API provides for a simple mechanism to send update notifications to the various backends that Crediterium operates on behalf of their clients.

Legacy Callback Support

Using the Ping / Callback API from legacy code that only supports HTTP GET requests.

Chirp Notifications

Using the Ping / Callback API extensions to support real-time Chirp integrations.

Notifications for Lead Aggregators

Typical use case for a lead aggregator using the Ping / Callback API to provide notifications about the processing of a lead.