Infinity LMS Consulting

Improving your Infinity experience

Crediterium offers companion tools and services than enhance your experience with the Infinity LMS.

While the Infinity LMS is a fine choice for hundreds of State and Tribal lenders, tailoring its functionality to your operations can be challenging.

Crediterium has developed a suite of enhancements that plug into the Infinity LMS through its Customer Site Service API, secure batch daily downloads and its Direct Database Access.

Bad Number and Do Not Call flag management

In today’s digitally driven world, maintaining clear and compliant communication channels is paramount for the seamless operation of lending services. Crediterium stands at the forefront of this industry, offering cutting-edge tools and services designed to adeptly manage “Bad Number,” “Bad Email,” and “Do Not Call” flags utilized by Infinity to monitor contact method statuses. As cellular operators and spam filtering companies intensify their scrutiny, often indiscriminately branding lending communications as spam or abusive messaging, it becomes critical for rule-abiding portfolio operators to have robust management systems in place. Crediterium ensures that your business not only stays connected with its clientele but does so in complete adherence to evolving regulatory standards.

Our suite of services empowers portfolios of all sizes to navigate and counteract the challenges posed by excessive filtering. The ramifications of such filtering can be significant, ranging from disrupted communication to the tarnishing of a lender’s reputation. Crediterium’s proactive approach helps prevent these issues by providing real-time updates and adjustments to contact lists, ensuring that communications reach their intended recipients. This level of meticulous management is essential in an era where even the most compliant entities can fall victim to overzealous spam filters. By partnering with Crediterium, portfolio operators can confidently focus on their core business, secure in the knowledge that their communications infrastructure is both robust and resilient against the unintended consequences of heightened digital security measures.

Advanced portfolio analysis and benchmarking tools

In the dynamic landscape of financial lending, data-driven strategies reign supreme. Crediterium has crafted a comprehensive suite of analytical tools designed to monitor and dissect key portfolio metrics with precision and ease. Our platform grants lenders the power to delve into overall loan behavior, with the ability to segment this rich data by geography, product types, and a multitude of other dimensions. These insights are not just numbers; they are the compass that guides your marketing strategies, product placement decisions, and promotional endeavors to ensure they resonate with your target audience and maximize portfolio returns.

Understanding the impact of each strategy on your bottom line is crucial, and Crediterium’s tools are built to do just that. Whether you’re assessing the effectiveness of a regional campaign, comparing the performance of various loan products, or evaluating the returns on promotional activities, our analytics dashboard translates complex data into actionable intelligence. This empowers financial institutions to fine-tune their approaches, tailor their offerings, and allocate resources with unparalleled precision. With Crediterium, your portfolio is not just a collection of assets, but a well-oiled machine optimized for peak performance, ensuring that every decision is informed, every investment is calculated, and every strategy is poised for success.

Custom development services

Crediterium offers bespoke solutions for clients seeking to maximize their use of Infinity’s robust platform through custom functionality tailored to their specific needs. With our deep expertise in Infinity integration, we empower our clients to go beyond the standard offerings and enhance their operational efficiency with personalized features. From seamless payment gateway integration to advanced filtering mechanisms, our team is adept at creating a harmonized system that streamlines your transaction processes and data management workflows.

Our tailored services extend to the development of sophisticated algorithms for automatic customer tier classification, ensuring that your clientele is serviced exactly according to their profile and needs. This level of customization allows for a more intuitive interaction with your customer base, enhancing user experience, and fostering loyalty. By choosing Crediterium, you leverage our specialized skill set in Infinity integration, enabling your business to operate with greater agility, improve customer engagement, and stay ahead in the competitive landscape with innovations that are designed to propel your growth and optimize returns.

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